Life is a trip, ain’t it!? Over the last few years, I’ve been reminded time and time again that my main goal should be to play the hell out of the cards I’ve been dealt.

You’ve seen it…

Child: has complete meltdown in store…

Parent: Continues to shop and handle business completely unbothered as a soft symphony orchestra plays via their AirPods…

Child: (still offended by being ignored) Child eventually gets it together when they realize all needs are met and they may be going about things the wrong way. 

How many times has God stood by patiently waiting on my mini tantrums to pass? Far more than I can count! It has become very clear to me that life isn’t all about doing well in my career, getting married, and nurturing a family. While I still desire and will achieve those things, the path is wider and longer. I’m on it now, so I’ll catch a tune up at the next pitstop. 

Having to redefine what you thought life would be is a bit unnerving. Most of it is my fault  (or believing “society”) for actually assigning those “milestones” in the first place.  I wish someone would have told me to relax somewhere around sixteen. The value I’ve assigned to the things I thought I would have and the places I thought I’d be has been shifted, flipped, and in some cases completely erased.  As much as I hate blanket statements, realizing the attainment/embodiment of happiness is indeed a choice, was the milestone that should have stood at the forefront. It is an everyday, every second type of choice, that can trigger other realizations and is sure to change the trajectory of our lives.  

I was reminded that happiness shouldn’t only be about what’s in front of you, but also what is to come. You know, that whole manifesting thing that everyone speaks about. Claim your destiny. We really are the designers of our lives. And I will for sure get that great parking space EVERY time.

Next to that choice is execution and being mindful of the pacifying words we tell ourselves. Uncomfortable, right?

It starts with the small statements. The “I’ll be happy if I just…” or “I don’t need a lot. X is enough for me…” And then it grows into a life of shrinking to fit smaller boxes. 

The truth is the life I want costs money. I want my business to grow. The things I want and want to do require expansion. I want and deserve more. We do ourselves a disservice when we try to convince ourselves that we “can do” with less to avoid possible disappointment in the event we don’t get more.

Kelia H. of Little Fish Accounting

Forget where you thought you’d be, find your happiness and be grateful for where you are.  Want more? Do more! Study your table and your hand. May your next move, be your best move! And dammit, if you’ve got four bids in your hand, don’t even think to fix your mouth to declare three! #spades

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  • Lisa Hankins
    March 16, 2022 at 7:29 PM

    You are a Awesome young Lady…ReMAIN TO STAY FOCUS. And your day will come. Please don’t close the blinds all the way, because and then you will be left in the dark. God need you to always stay light 💡 because it’s right there. Just be patient., for the molding to dry. (Which is you) I love you sis you are so beautiful inside and out. I’m so grateful to meet my sister. I’m still waiting on my shrimp and grits 🤣🤣🤣love you little sis . Help me with one of these pages


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