Meet Simone

I wasn’t always as proud as I am now to have been named after an emotion that is not based on circumstance and serves as an indication of deep wellness.  I only give my close friends and family permission to use the name.  Simone is a grits-eating, cornbread-fed child of the south. East Point, GA to be exact.  I consider myself southern, but not quite your typical southern belle.  I’m a mud-stained Converse wearing Whitley Gilbert if you will.  An Old Atlanta soul.  A select few refer to me as an indefinite representation of femininity, creativity, and integrity.

I’ll be in my mid 30s probably until the end of time. I was raised with a genteel and charming maternal influence as well as a vibrant and diverse paternal guide. I’ve attended majority black institutions from elementary to college (the only HU – Hampton University). I am a registered nurse and interior stylist… for now. Use your imagination for all things in between.

But what about these orange cords?  Well, I’d say I’m speaking to my future through my past. My daddy is still the reigning champ of the orange extension cord wrap. He can perfectly wrap a 50 foot cord from palm to elbow in six seconds. My sister and I have always joked about how we need a man that can at least compete with this record.

“If he can’t wrap an orange cord like my daddy, then I’on (I don’t) want him”


I am still unfolding. Again, I welcome you.