365 Days Without Shopping Challenge

A call to dig in your closets and wear what you’ve already purchased.

Put that sh*t down!

KD – Accountability Partner

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Imagine this… I write a complete blog post about how I’m supposedly getting my life together and I go missing on you all for quite sometime. SO freaking much has happened. SO much to unpack!!!! We will be rewinding for a while but first, let me tell you all about a little personal challenge I began at the start of 2023.  Whew!!!

So Whats This Challenge About?

After moving, and again realizing I have more than enough clothing items, I decided that enough was enough. I made a vow not to purchase ANY clothing for an entire year. Three hundred and sixty-five freaking days without buying a stitch! Have I made it so far? That’s none of your business!!! JK! I have and haven’t. There are always a few exceptions… with rules of course. 

Why is this important?

I have enough. I have everything I need. I’m in the process of converting a bedroom to a closet. That should tell you everything you need to know. I will be sure to bring you along for the ride once I dig into that project. Stay tuned.

This challenge was initiated for many reasons. The ultimate reason was because it’s time to be an adult. In this world of consumerism, I am choosing to place my attention and coinage in areas that need me most. Fast fashion and influencers are all around us screaming BUY BUY BUY!!! I am tired of listening. My bank account is as well. My goals and tasks are severely malnourished. Attention diverted! 

My desire is to actually wear all of the pieces I loved so much upon purchasing. Wear them until the wheels fall off! By the way, I’m not here for you to judge my repeats. I credit my mother for giving me an eye for style and most of all quality. While everything doesn’t have to cost six million dollars, its important to chose pieces that last. I’m challenging my creativity. How many ways can I wear any and everything?  Let’s see what I come up with!

I’m also hoping for a little weight loss encouragement as I do have a bit of an issue letting go of a few good things that hug me in ways I don’t enjoy. Didn’t I just offer my advice to you all about this? I did…right here, but there is no shame here. 

THE Challenge

This my be dangerous, but I need your help! Number one: follow along with me as I share a few chosen garments. Number two: If you see me in these retail streets, please whisper (or yell) PTSD as you pass. A good friend and I once reimagined this term to mean PUT THAT SH*T DOWN!!! It usually works… Usually. 

Here are my rules/exceptions:

I can only purchase items if,

  • It completes an outfit and contributes to my basics collection.
  • There is a special event requiring certain attire that’s impossible to tweak.
  • I have some type of credit that will expire
  • I’m out and there has been a major clothing malfunction requiring immediate intervention
  • I am on holiday and see an item that is unattainable at home.

This challenge would be so much easier if you joined me! Run over to Instagram, and show me what you’ve created!

May the odds be ever in your (my) favor!

2024 UPDATE!!!

I failed. But not miserably. I absolutely purchased a few things. But by far not as much as I would have without this challenge. With every step taken in a retail store, the reminder to put that *ish down whispered, yelled, and even pushed loudly. I’m proud of myself. That’s what matters most. I will continue to be intentional about pulling things out of the closet, pairing items for creative purposes, and leaving those items in the store!

So guys… How’d your girl do?

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